Celebrating Kelli, one of our recent students to complete the Adult Teen Challenge Ohio program. We are so proud of her! Here is Kelli’s story in her own words.

My name is Kelli Jo and I entered Adult and Teen Challenge on January 17, 2019 and I tried to leave on January 19, 2019 because I was broken, hopeless and lost. I didn’t understand how God was going to heal me or help me. Adult and Teen Challenge was my eighth or ninth treatment facility. I struggled with a drug addiction and mental health issues for twenty-five years. I had been in and out of treatment centers, hospitals and treatment programs with no success, nothing helped me to feel better. I always felt empty and unhappy. I looked to others and the world to try and help me feel better about myself, but nothing never worked. I had been emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually abused my whole life. I had lost everything due to my drug addiction. I lost my children, my family and myself. I felt completely alone and unwanted. I lived on the streets and was in a very abusive relationship.

Adult and Teen Challenge saved my life. They helped me to develop my own personal relationship with my father Jesus Christ. I learned that God loved me that Jesus died for me and He loves me just as I am. Jesus broke my chains and set me free from my addictions. I no longer desire or need drugs to function.  Adult and Teen Challenge has helped me to grow into the woman that God created me to be.

I gave my life to Jesus and He has given it back to me. Life is so good today with God. I am so happy and full of joy. God is restoring my relationships with my family. He has brought my daughter back into my life and I know He is working on bringing my son back too! He has provided me with a place to live, a job and a vehicle. Life is so amazing today and it’s because of my relationship with God and the amazing program of Adult and Teen Challenge. I am so grateful that I didn’t leave the program. Today I am completely free.

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