Addiction Recovery Treatment in Columbus, OH

If you or your teenage daughter have struggled with addiction, you have likely tried a number of rehab treatments. However, if you have continued to relapse or failed to see lasting results, you need a different program. At Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio, we offer a unique approach to addiction recovery. Read on to learn about our faith-based addiction recovery program for women and teen girls in the Columbus, OH, area.


Many people try to overcome addiction by their own strength, and many programs try to teach self-control or willpower for rehab. However, at Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio, we believe that one can only conquer the slavery of sin through freedom in Christ.

We offer a free study on the book of Romans that discusses the sin of man and God’s righteousness. The only way to escape God’s righteous wrath against man’s sin is through faith in Christ. Many addicts — and sinners in general — believe that they need to clean themselves up in order to approach a holy God.

However, our Romans study teaches about Christ’s finished work, allowing sinners to be reconciled to God through no work of their own. Our Romans study also teaches about slavery to sin and the law — which many addicts understand firsthand — and how Christians become adopted into the family of God through Christ.

Our addiction recovery treatment walks through these vital truths to help addicts learn to find freedom from their sin in Christ as adopted sons who are no longer under condemnation. This approach is very different from many addiction programs that rely on shame or guilt to condemn addicts into reform.

For more information about our addiction recovery services in Columbus, OH, contact Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio by calling 614-697-2450 or filling out our online contact form. If you do not personally struggle with addiction but want to help Adult & Teen Challenge Ohio in our efforts to help women, you can volunteer your time, purchase items from our wish list, or donate money to support our cause.