Breaking Free

For they will be like a tree planted by the life-giving water. Jeremiah 17


Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday is the most significant event in history. Through His death on the cross, our Lord gave everything so we could receive the gift of everything. Every person born, before us or those who will come after us, has been given this wonderfully blessed gift. All we need is to receive it for ourselves!

We have gone through a lot this past year but, can you imagine how dark the world would be if it hadn’t been for what Jesus did upon that cross. As we approach the day of this special event that we hold so dear to our hearts, may we consider all those who don’t know or understand the importance of this day!

There is no way we could do what we do here at “ATCO” without the faithful and leading hand of our Lord!

Prayers & blessings to each of you on this beautiful Resurrection Day!!!

Thank you & many Blessings!!!

Reverend Linda Hercenberg, CEO